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Connect with your group
Get on the same page, literally! GoPexo provides a platform for you and your group members to consolidate your planning. Decide on how much to spend, what type of trip do you want to have and share your preferences to decide on the direction of your trip.
Discover and suggest ideas
Collect all of your travel ideas in one place. Discuss and vote on what you want to do. GoPexo will provide suggestions based on your interests.
Work out a schedule together
Once upon a time, your itinerary was a spreadsheet or a huge block of text. GoPexo makes it easy for everyone to interact with your trip plan. Just drag your ideas into timeslots and watch as your trip works itself out on the map!

Planning a Group Trip can be difficult

Whether its a day trip or a long vacation, we want to help you and your group reduce the hassle of planning.

Here's how it works:


We make it easy to communicate with your group and organize plans


Suggest ideas and discoveries on the Idea Board


Make decisions about your itinerary together!


Finally, Look over your budget and split the costs!

Thats it!